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If your CPG business is losing momentum, we’ve got your back

Building a consumer products brand alone is hard work. We know because we started 2014 building and scaling pet brands on Amazon. Now, we help bootstrapped Entrepreneurs with CPG brands between $500k-$3m in revenue vertically integrate their supply-chain & online distribution to become sellable businesses within 36 months without giving up majority ownership.

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Do you want to scale your business?

You worked too hard to grow your business just to partner with anyone. You need a partner who aligns with your big vision and goals. Enter Brand Arkitekt—We understand how important your business is and how to prepare it to become sellable within 36 months without asking you to give up majority ownership. We keep our process fast, friendly, & hassle-free. Book a call with us to learn more & get started.

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Why partner with us?

We help you win by offering you:

  • Founder first terms
  • A fair, fast & hassle-free minority ownership offer
  • An easy diligence process focused on what matters
  • Experts who align with your culture & vision
  • A leadership team with over 25 years of profit first business building experience
  • A performance guarantee or you keep your business & our investment
  • A cashout payment option to sell now
  • The opportunity to move on to other things

We help you avoid:

  • A complex and confusing offer
  • Hefty legal fees reviewing complex offers
  • Months of wasted time and no deal
  • Changes in culture and vision
  • Less experienced new partners wrecking your business you've spent years building
  • Terms that lead to worthless equity, sleepless nights and unnecessary stress
  • Feeling trapped in your business
  • Corporate Sharks flipping your business

Are you ready to scale your business?

We are looking to invest in two great pet & animal supply businesses annually. If the time is right to scale your business, and your revenue is between $500k-$3m annually, our team is ready to guide you through our fair, fast, and simple process. Book a call with us to start planning your next steps.

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If you’re passionate about growing brands and looking for an opportunity to do fulfilling and meaningful work, look no further. At Brand Arkitekt, we’re family and we love growing businesses. We believe good people do good things together. Our goal is to create a place where people can do what they love, focus on their strengths, and make a positive impact.

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